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to get you, and your message, seen and heard.

Whatever your message is, if it's important enough to send then it's important enough to deliver!

Started back in 1993 long before the internet became the powerful business tool it is today, we worked with X.400 messaging over dial up. We ran one of the first pilots of e-ordering ( EDI ) for a major british food retailer and provided dial up Email solutions based on cc:Mail. Ltd now serves the UK corporate business world along with local authority, NHS, and government departments with Web development services and high capacity, on-demand messaging solutions used in a wide range of applications and using the most prolific and ubiquitous media of Fax, Email, and SMS Text.

If you want to get seen and heard we are the business to help you.

Used predominantly in high speed / high capacity, and auditable message syndication applications, we are very proud of our systems being used in some of the most mission critical applications imaginable. For instance our systems are used by the Blood Transfusion and Organ Donor Organisations in the UK. It really is hard to imagine a more critical application but when you see that we achieve a total delivery to all contacts within 60 seconds of message submission, it's not hard to understand why our bespoke messaging systems were chosen to handle this task.

As a major player in the disaster recovery and business continuity space we are equally proud to be supplying front line and back up contingency to a number of government agencies and departments such as VOSA, Department for Transport, The Civil Aviation Authority, and the Environment Agency to name just a few. We also supply many NHS regions and trusts who need reliable and 'near instant' communications with GP's, Pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

We set our standards very high and have a fanatical approach to our customer support. We know that when we are called upon, it really is urgent and react accordingly.

To see some of the markets we operate in and get a feel of how we may be able to help your organisation, please take time to browse our information. If you have a message cascade service or message syndication service application in mind or need help with your Web development but are not sure if we can help you then the answer is "Yes we Can", but if you would like to contact us and discuss the solutions we'd be happy to show you how.

In all instances I assure you of my personal support. Ltd,
Dalton House,
60 Windsor Ave,
SW19 2RR.

Welcome to our Customer Login Page. Please use the relevant links below to access your Messaging service. If you have any difficulties of any kind when using our services please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance at E-Mail:

Customers still using the IP WebFax login should contact the ops team regarding a free migration to our superior IFax service. No upgrade costs or increased usage charges. The only thing that increases is your satisfaction.

Login to IP WebFax & Voice

Prepare and send Faxes or Voice messages to contacts stored on your E-Contacts lists

Login to IFax & WebSMS

Our latest Fax broadcast platform with incredible speed and capacity and real time online delivery status

Login to MailManager for managed E-Mail

Our Full Feature Email broadcast suite with full tracking, analytics, MailSafe servers, and delivery optimisers

Incredible disaster recovery solution. Protects your I.T. Infra structure and offers guaranteed 100% data recovery in minutes in the event of a data loss. Find out more


Our most popular service offering, IFax is a full feature high speed, high capacity Fax messaging service which can deliver to hundreds of contacts in seconds.

Wether you are sending a message to a group of 10 or 1000 or even 10,000, IFax handles it effortlessly. With an Online web submission system and our unique manual fax gateway, submitting your fax document could not be easier even if the original is in hard copy only. It takes just seconds to submit a document and get it on its way which is fitting as it then takes just seconds to have this message delivered directly to all of your contacts.

Imagine having some vital information which you need to get into the hands of a group of contacts dispersed around the country or even globe. There is no faster way period than to use the IFax service. It's quick, reliable, auditable, secure, and based on tried and tested technology used all over the world.

You will get an instant receipt when you submit your job which contains a tracking number allowing you to immediately monitor the delivery progress online. You have to be quick though as we may well have complete delivery before you login to check. Contact lists are managed via our online list management suite where you can store lists of contacts for use at any time. We can even handle merged documents so you can personalise and bespoke each individual message sent using MS word merge.

SMS Connect:

Very much a 'sister' product of IFax. It does exactly the same but using the media of SMS text.

There are more mobile phones in the world than there are people!. A staggering fact but true. This means that if you really want to make contact with someone, regardless of their location, then the chances are an SMS text message will reach them. Also, as its an 'interruptive' media there is a high chance that the message is read quickly.

Whilst it is true that there is a limited amount of information you can convey in a text message, it can serve as an alert of a more comprehensive message sent via Fax, Email, or available on a web resource. Whatever the content, submitting and delivering couldn't be easier. A simple online Web submission where users type or paste their message, select the list of contacts they wish to receive the text and click 'SEND'

You get an instant, on screen confirmation that each message has been submitted to the recipients mobile network and an emailed receipt including a link to a full status message delivery report which shows exactly who has received the message to their handset and when.

Contact lists are again managed online and we can bespoke some functionality. We also support message submission from a mobile handset so field based staff can fire off a broadcast SMS to alert of a situation live from the event.


Our Email message management suite with all the features and functionality you could ever want and more besides.

Time for a staggering fact again. Less than 20% of emails sent actually get opened!. In actual fact if you send any sort of Email broadcast and you have better than 10% open rate then give yourself a pat on the back and adopt a smug expression. What's that you say? You don't know how many people open your emails, you don't know how many click on the link you provided, you don't know if anyone forwarded your email to a friend.

Don't worry. You're not alone. You see, because most people have an email service and know how to send CC'd or even BCC'd emails, they think thats perfectly fine. Well the fact is most of these emails will never get read. In fact few will ever get delivered because SPAM traps will stop them every time. Sound like a mine field? It is. Take a look at our report on
The risks of sending emails and how to overcome them Now it's not all doom and gloom over EMail. With a proper tool you can get great results, get more emails delivered, get more emails read, and have more recipients take action on what you send them. You can test your Emails for SPAM traps before sending, see how your email will look in 18 different Email clients and 5 mobile platforms.

MailManager is just such a tool. A full feature Email management suite, you can prepare and manage contact lists, prepare, check and send content rich emails or plain text emails, track email delivery, track email opening, track email forwarding, track who clicks links in your email, and track which links each person clicked.

So what does this give you? Well some of the most valuable information for starters. For example, if you sent an email out promoting wines and you had three links within the email for Red, White, Sparkling. Knowing who clicked which links tells you their preferences or areas of interest. Best of all our MailManager suite allows you to then target a follow up message to any subsection of your original list,so you could send an offer on sparkling wines only to those people who clicked on that link.

Any light bulbs coming on? How can you apply that level of targeting to your business?

Effective Communication Strategy:

There is no 'Magic Bullet', no 'one size fits all'. The secret is in the mix

There are some of our solutions that clearly lend themselves to some applications but the best strategies involve a mix of two or all of our solutions. Which is why we spent years developing solutions based on scalable platforms with programmable interfaces that allow us to bespoke a mixed solution for clients. Faxes backed up with text alerts, Emails that trigger faxes to those who expressed a preference for fax. Whatever your requirements we can not only help, we can advise and consult on the best way for you to achieve your goals.

Others just send.... We deliver!

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ): Get your FREE SEO analysis Report of your Website here!

Why you MUST have a mobile optimised website!

The first reaction of many business owners to the above statement is one of dismissal. Isn't a mobile focussed website for facebook and twitter and other social media activity?

Absolutely not. Mobile already accounts for over 60% of web searches and pretty soon will be significantly more. If a potential customer searches for you and when they find your website, all they see is a tiny version of your desktop site or have to scroll sideways and zoom in on small parts in order to read it they will soon leave and look somewhere else.

Lets not forget the influence Google has in all this. Google spends millions of dollars making sure that the search results they serve to a searcher are the most relevant and useful possible. If the searcher is using a mobile device and you don't have a mobile responsive website then Google will ignore you!. Even if you are No. 1 on a desktop search, you won't even feature in search results from a mobile device.

What about content? Did you know that any flash based animiations or videos simply dont show on a mobile device! Is your navigation even usable on a touchscreen?. Its a big problem for any business today.

We can help you in the following areas:

  • Add mobile response to an existing website
  • Create a new mobile responsive version of your present site
  • Re work any Flash items on your present site which do not display on mobiles
  • Add functionality to your website
  • Boost your SEO with mobile functionality
Call us to discuss your requirements

Why do you need to work with a Web Developer?

Anyone who runs and maintains a website does so in order to provide information or a service to internet users. These users are increasingly using different devices to access the web and if your website isn't designed to display on smaller screens such as laptops, ipads, and smartphones then users won't interact with your offerings and simply move on.

If your website isn't shown when a web user searches for a term that relates to your core activity then it is likely you won't be seen at all. Out of sight, out of mind!

Skilled Web Development will help on both counts. We specialize in the following areas:

  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS / CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • php
  • Ajax
  • mySQL
Our developers can assist in improving the appearance of your website, making it responsive to different devices, and build in a huge degreee of functionality and interactivity for your users. Call us to discuss your requirements

Why do you need help with SEO ?

The activity of moving your website into view in response to certain search terms typed into a search engine by a web user is known as Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short. Effective SEO is a combination of 'On page' activity and 'off page' activity. The 'on page' activity focuses on making sure your web pages are seen as 'relevant' to the particular search term you are trying to rank for. 'Off page' activity focuses on supporting the authority of your web pages, that is, how valuable and relevant others see your web pages in relation to a particular search term.

Who can you Trust with your SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) work?

There are a large number of businesses claiming to specialise in SEO and very few actually do a good job. They charge high fees and many engage in practices that will damage your website rankings for a long time. They use 'link farms', 'click farms', and other shady practices to give the illusion that suddenly everyone and the world is finding your website and clicking on it and following you on twitter and liking you on Facebook. The truth though is that they often employ the services of 'off shore' outfits employing hundreds of operatives with hundreds of accounts each to click and like and follow you and create links to your site on some very dodgy web assets to give the impression of a miracle uplift in your website.

The net result is you think it's working as you're getting hundreds of followers and clicks, but no business! You can't pay the bills with 'followers'. Pretty soon google's algorythms detect an unusually fast increase in links to your site and you get banned and delisted from google searches and you dissappear. Oh No!

Don't get your Website penalised or even banned!

With InTouchUK SEO it's different. We have been in business serving UK customers for 21 years because we do things properly, ethically, and honestly. Our SEO service uses only UK based personel and we take care to run an SEO program that is totally 'White Hat'. By that we mean it leverages techniques approved by google so will not get you banned. In Fact in the last 4 years with all the changes google have made there hasn't been a single account of the 2500 using this strategy, banned or penalised in any way.

There are no magic buttons or quick tricks in getting great search engine rankings

You will see the message all over the web that someone has just discovered a 'magic back door' or found a way to fool traffic to land onto your site but don't be taken in. Good lasting SEO is achieved by a well managed methodology of optimising your 'On Page' Meta data and then carefully building high quality and relevant backlinks to your site while submitting to all the popular search engines. This can take time and will require a little work on your part to implement the recommendations of our detailed optimisation reports. Over time you will see your website climb above your competitors for a given search term gaining you FREE organic search traffic.

You want more traffic a little quicker?

As a complete solution to search engine optimisation and traffic sources we have a range of supporting services to help move things along for you.

  • Managed Adwords campaign
  • - Take advantage of our experience and let us run your adwords campaigns to maximise your returns and minimise your spend

  • Likes and Follows
  • - Social media is playing an ever increasing role in the way google judges a website. Let our team help you get the most from your social media presence

  • High page rank backlinks
  • - A link from a highly regarded website can boost your own rankings massively. Our team can work to get you these to further boost your web credentials.

    Our Class leading solutions are used in many and varied applications. Here are some examples that might resonate with you.

    • Health Trusts & CCG's contacting GP's, Pharmacists, Dentists, other healthcare groups with vital information such as drug recalls, medical equipment recalls, update on best practice, disease outbreak early warnings, training events, lost prescriptions, violent patient alerts & legislation changes. All done in seconds and auditable for governance.
    • Hub Operations contacting branches and remote offices with updates, alerts, training opportunities, policy and proceedure changes, performance figures, and business news
    • Distributors contacting branches and customers with sales offers. limited time special deals, recall notices, holiday opening times, policy and proceedure changes, and business news
    • Accounts Departments contacting debtors with merged personalised information to collect payment or alert account on hold.
    • HR and team managers contacting employees to fill vacant shifts quickly, alerts to training courses, motivational messages, promote vacancies, update on business news
    • Local Authority and emergency services contacting press and other agencies alerting to situations such as road closure, environmental incident, flood warnings
    • Sales Operations contacting customers and potential customers with deals, offers and incentives.

    There are a whole subset of these as applications but in reality, whenever you have a message, be it important or down right mission critical, that needs to be seen quickly by any group of common interest, then you need to talk to us.

    We fully understand that taking on a new service from a new supplier represents a level of risk for any customer. You need confidence in the service and supplier in order to help you feel comfortable with your decision. We feel the best way we can help you gain confidence in us and what we do is to let you see what some of our customers have said about their experience of working with us and our services.

    Sadly many of our 'blue chip' clients have a corporate policy of not endorsing any particular product or service and so we are unable to publish comments we have received from these customers, however there are some examples shown below that we hope will show you that we are a customer focussed organisation with service excellence at the center of all we do.

    "GPW Design Services Ltd has used the SMS messaging services provided by IntouchUK since early 2001. Since that time our monthly usage has increased nearly 100 fold.

    The people at IntouchUK have impressed with their responsiveness to our requirements and have worked with us to adapt their system to meet our needs, particularly with regard to providing automated reporting systems that dovetail with our own systems.

    Above all we have found SMS messaging provided by IntouchUK has proved to be a fast and highly efficient way of getting the attention of our target audience. More recently we have also used the fax from the web services which have also proved a very efficient way of reaching our customers"
    ..................... - GPW Design Services Ltd.

    Thank you for all the support and advice you have given regarding surefaxes and when we moved to the electronic version, your assistance has always been given with great patience and has been very much appreciated.

    Best wishes

    Linda M Haggarty
    PA/Admin to:
    Dr Graham Mackenzie, Consultant in Public Health
    Dr Sue Payne, Consultant in Public Health
    Ms Dona Milne, Specialist in Public Health

    ..................... Lothian Health Board

    " We are a leading high street retail business and need to communicate `emergency messages` regularly to a large number of stores, this service from InTouch guarantees delivery of that message to all receipiants within a few minutes and proves vital to Driving Sales, particulary in the run up to key weekend trading."

    ........... .......... - Halfords

    "....Universal Computers are a leading UK based supplier of high quality PC's and networking systems along with peripherals, training and consultancy.

    We use InTouch UKs' message broadcast service to promote our products and services to the UK Computer Dealers. Being able to react to a price change immediately puts us at least 24 hours in front of our competitors as InTouch can deliver our message to 5000 dealers in a matter of just 30 minutes or so.

    We are taking orders at the new price less than an hour from setting it and literally mopping up business before our competitors can react. Many of our biggest repeat customers have been gained this way by providing a low cost peripheral and allowing them to sample our high levels of service and quality.

    The people at InTouch are always responsive to any request and manage the business very effectively.

    We have also recently taken on the InTouch phone service which, unlike many others which only talk about savings, actually delivers almost 40% over my BT business package..."

    ..................... - Universal Computers

    "At the Environment Agency we use Intouch as our vital link to the media in terms of press release transmission.

    In times of crisis such as flooding it is a service that can mean all the difference between life and death. Without the highly efficient and effective service IntouchUK offers, getting our message across to the media would be a far more difficult task.

    We need a service we can rely on 24hours a day seven days a week 365 days of the year with intouchUK we have our needs met.

    ..................... - The Environment Agency

    " The Surefax Service from InTouch is fast and effective when time counts .

    We use Surefax for notifying over 40 agencies about the implementation of Operation Stack on the M20 when cross channel services are disrupted.

    This operation required the involvement of a number of key agencies and fax warnings are the primary means of alerting those agencies."

    ..................... - Kent Police

    " Portman Building Society has assets exceeding 10billion, a network of over 110 branch offices stretching across the South of England and a new purpose-built Head Office in Bournemouth.

    Portman is the UK's fourth largest buiding society and has used the Surefax service in conjunction with InTouchUK for the past three years.

    It is used mainly within the organisation's Disaster Recovery plan, enabling consistent information to be disseminated quickly and accurately to a large number of destinations. It is not used as a replacement for e-mail but as a complementary service that is available immediately should internal systems have to be re-built.

    The set-up of the service was quick and painless, the management and administration of recipient lists made simple through the graphical List Manager application, and when Disaster Recovery testing has been carried out the sending of fax messages through the Surefax system has proven completely successful - an absolutely vital requirement.

    InTouch have been very easy to work with, quick and eager to sort out initial configuration issues, and always available to discuss queries and questions. Their friendly, personal approach and easy accessibility has been a welcome change in an age of call queues and menu mazes. "

    ..................... - Portman Building Society

    "Brighton Racecourse stages 22 race meetings each year. We use In Touch to contact trainers ahead of each meeting to inform them of changes to the going which might affect their horses.

    InTouchUK's fax service enables us to edit our list of recipients and send our message quickly and conveniently to everyone on the list. It saves many hours work in trying to contact each trainer individually.

    We also use the service to send press releases to groups of local and national press contacts within minutes of an event taking place.

    In Touch have been most helpful through every stage of setting up our account, understanding their services and advising on how to use them to our advantage."

    ..................... - Brighton Racecourse

    " Our company's business is to service the steel and alloy strip needs of the Spring, Fastener and allied Industries

    They are, by necessity, mostly fast turn-around suppliers to the high demanding sectors such as the automotive industry. We have to be responsive to their daily, weekly and monthly schedules which can be and are changed many times per day.

    Our customers rely on us for up to date information on our products and services. We have, in the past, used over-land post or e-mail but our most successful communications have been through IN-TOUCH UK who have looked after us brilliantly.

    With their total commitment to supporting us we send our large customer data base regular information faxes which are personally addressed to key contacts.

    All we have to do is send one copy of the fax to InTouchUK and they do the rest, sending to our data bases that they hold in their totally secure system

    A fully itemised traffic report is received so we can quickly see if any customers could not receive our important information for any reason.

    IN TOUCH deal with the technical side of things for us and we can monitor the results easily. Companies without any staff trained or experienced in IT can hand the problems over to IN TOUCH and know their communications will be dealt with using state of the art systems and software. "

    ..................... - MD Reddifast Steels

    We'd really like to help you if you are in anyway lost or confused about our services or simply need to chat with someone about a communications solution.

    Simply call us on 0870 873 8000, write to us at: Ltd
    Dalton House,
    60 Windsor Ave.,
    SW19 2RR

    ....or use the contact form below to deliver a message to us. We welcome constructive feedback and suggestions from any of our customers.

    Make the most from our services

    As part of our service to you, we are building a library of FREE training videos to help you get the most from using our communication solutions.

    Below are listed the presently available videos for you to use and you should see this list grow over the coming months so please log on regularly to keep up to date. Also if you have any suggestion as to what you would like to see here please Email us at any time
    Customer Feedback

    User Guides and Documentation:

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    IP WebFax - Fax Broadcasting Service

    Please click on an item below in order to be taken to the video training page: Ltd are proud to have served some of the UK's biggest businesses Including:

    Vosa Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    UKTR Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    DFT Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    CEFCO Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    PALL Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    TOY Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    ENV Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    NATW Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    GRID Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    RBS Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    CAA Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user
    LAB Customer Logo - Message Cascade Service and Message Syndication Service user